Excellent Air Conditioning Repair Services at Fair Prices

When an AC system shows signs of malfunction, Omar & Sons Services, Inc is on call and ready to lend a helping hand

We will send our excellently trained AC repairmen to restore comfort in your home in Miami, FL within a few hours. We offer a prompt and very affordable air conditioning repair service that will go beyond your highest expectations.

There are many occasions when you would need our professional assistance. Here we will outline just 3 of the most common problems that homeowners face on a daily basis. If you are experiencing some of these issues, please do not attempt to do the repairs yourself and turn to our experts for help. They will be glad to assist you.

AC units that do not turn on.

If your system is not turning on, the first thing we do is to check if the condenser outside is running. Our AC expert will make sure that the unit is plugged in and the thermostat is set properly. Even though this task sounds simple, detecting a problem with the thermostat can be tricky. We will also check for blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker because this may be the cause of the problem. If the unit still does not turn on, then the problem is with the motor or the compressor and we have the proper tools to fix it.

AC units that are not cooling the air.

If the thermostat is set properly and the unit is turned on, but the system is not cooling, then you have a problem with a dirty or blocked condenser. The first thing we do is to check the compressor and clean around to remove any debris and weeds that are blocking air circulation. Next, our air conditioning repair contractor will check the filters and make sure they are clean. If this does not help, then the problem is with the refrigerant or the compressor itself.

AC units that are not adequately cooling the house.

This problem indicates an issue with the size of the unit. Systems that are not sized appropriately for the house cannot keep up the indoors cool and have to be replaced. Another reason might be a frozen evaporator coil or problem with the charge. Always fully equipped and prepared, our team performs all sorts of air conditioning repair work and gives good advice.


Omar & Sons Services, Inc is a company that has been serving the people of Miami, FL for many years and has the stellar reputation of being one of the finest technicians around. We service AC systems of all types and are looking forward to coming to you and helping you solve your problem. Call us at (305) 688-4949 to book an appointment!