Common AC Problems and Solutions

How to Determine If It's Time to Call for Professional Air Conditioning Services

AC units are designed to be durable and strong. However, just like any electromechanical devices, air conditioners require regular maintenance. Failing to ensure proper upkeep will often lead to severe problems such as poor performance, high energy bills, and frequent breakdowns. Luckily, there are many specialists in air conditioning services who can help you fix your malfunctioning unit quickly and efficiently. But, in order to determine whether you need to call a professional or not, you first have to get familiar with the most common signs of AC problems.

Poor cooling performance

air conditioning servicesIf your unit is not providing the same level of comfort as before, then you may need to have it inspected by a professional. However, before you call a specialist, make sure you check the filters on your unit. Poor cooling performance is often caused by clogged or dirty filters. So, open your unit's front panel, remove the filters, and give them a good rinse. If this doesn't help, then contact a professional.

Abnormal behavior

Before it breaks down completely, every unit shows signs that may help you prevent major damage. One of the most common signs of AC failure is when the unit cycles “on” and “off” frequently. This problem is usually caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. So, the first thing that you need to do is check to see of your thermostat is working properly.

Unusual noises

Every AC unit has its own repertoire of sounds; however, if you've noticed any unusual noises, then you may want to call a provider to fix any existing problems. Unusual noises can be caused by a malfunctioning compressor, loose fan, broken belt, loose screw, etc. Before you call a specialist, you can open the unit's front panel and look for any signs of obvious damage. If the problems is minor, you may be able to fix it yourself.

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